Patrick Clauss

Patrick Clauss

Director, First Year Writing and Rhetoric
Professor of the Practice, University Writing Program

B.S., Indiana University; M.A., Indiana State University; Ph.D., Ball State University

Patrick Clauss studies the relationships among argumentation theory, composition theory and pedagogy, and rhetoric. He teaches Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric and a graduate practicum on the teaching of writing. In the spring of 2014, he was named a recipient of the Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. He is currently a member of the College Board’s Curriculum Committee for the AP Language and Composition course and examination. 

Recent Scholarly Activity and Presentations
"A Framework for Building Better Research and Writing Assignments." With Melissa
     Harden and Ann Martinez-Montavon. Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning
     Workshop. University of Notre Dame. 7 November 2018. 
"Promoting a Culture of Rhetorical Listening: Classroom Practices in First-Year Writing."
     Regional Conference on College Composition and Communication. Denver, CO. 21 July 2018.
"Transparent Assignment Design." Wakonse Conference on College Teaching. 
     Shelby, Michigan. 25 May 2018.
"University Writing Program: University of Notre Dame." Writing Program Architecture: 
Thirty Cases for Reference and Research. Edited by Bryna Siegel Finer and Jamie
     White-Farnham. Utah State University Press. 2017.  
"Live, Remixed, and Flexible Rhetorics for Social Change." Conference on Community Writing. 
     Boulder, CO. 21 October 2017.
"Alternate and Flipped Finals." Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning Workshop. 
     University of Notre Dame. 28 September 2017.
"Enhancing Student Motivation with Authenticity and Caring Actions." Kaneb Center for Teaching
     and Learning Workshop. University of Notre Dame. 15 September 2017.
"Tell Your Story: An Affective Approach to Undergraduate Education." Keynote Speaker. Kaneb Center
     Outstanding Graduate Student Awards. University of Notre Dame. 12 April 2017. 
"Challenges of Large-scale Writing Assessment: Portfolios, Through-course Assessments,
     and Other Emerging Innovations." Panel Member. Conference on College Composition
    and Communication, Houston, TX. 8 April 2016. 
"Strategic Moves in a Contact Zone." Keynote Speaker. Practical Criticism Midwest. Muncie, IN. 6 February 2015. 
"Ampliative Inferences and The Teaching of Argument." Conference on College Composition
     and Communication. Indianapolis, IN. 20 March 2014. 
"Synecdochic Representation and Exemplars in Argumentation." Conference on Rhetoric as 
     Equipment for Living. Ghent, Belgium. 23 May 2013.
"Shifting Identities: So Now I'm a Writing Teacher, Too?" Conference on College Composition
     and Communication. St. Louis, MO. 22 March 2012.
"Is Data the Plural of Anecdote? Inductive Arguments in Composition." Ontario Society for the Study
     of Argument. Windsor, Ontario. 20 May 2011.
"Questioning with Authority: Teaching the Art of Good Questions." Conference on College Composition
     and Communication. Atlanta, GA. 7 April 2011.
“Prolepsis: Dealing with Multiple Viewpoints in Argument.” Ontario Society for the Study of Argument. 
     Windsor, Ontario. 9 June 2007.
“Visualizing Arguments.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco,
     CA. 21 March 2005.
“Pedagogy and Persona: The Construction of a Classroom Ethos.” National Conference of Teachers
     of English. Indianapolis. 20 March 2004.
“Writing from ‘Inside’ Out; Moving from ‘Outside’ In.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. 
     San Antonio, Texas. 19 March 2004.

Contact Information
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213 Coleman Morse Center 
Notre Dame, IN 46556
(574) 631-1678